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Teachers and school librarians, please work with your students to make sure student-created book trailers meet the requirements for publication. Before submitting student-created book trailers, please review the following with your students.

  • Please remove student names and initials from the book trailer. After February 2023, book trailers will not be published if the student's name appears in the book trailer.
  • Student names will not be published on the Book Nook website. Student names will be used to confirm the book trailer submission with the teacher or librarian. 
  • Book trailers using copyright protected music and/or images will not be published
  • We want to publish your student's best work! Book trailers scoring below 20 points on the INFOhio Book Trailer Rubric will not be published. Teachers and school librarians, please refer to the INFOhio Book Trailer Rubric during the revision process to help your student publish their best work.
  • Please include the name of the student's teacher or school librarian and email address. INFOhio will notify your teacher or school librarian if your book trailer is selected for publication. Book trailers not selected for publication will not be returned and users will not be notified. 

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