Creating book trailers allows students the opportunity to provide evidence of learning and use digital literacy skills as they become digital storytellers. Teachers and librarians play a pivotal role in guiding students through the digital storytelling process. INFOhio has curated a collection of instructional materials and resources for educators to bring digital storytelling into their classroom and library.

  • Browse a collection of lesson plans, templates, rubrics, and instructional resources to support the creation of book trailers for your classroom or school library. 
  • Examine the INFOhio Book Trailer Rubric as a tool to evaluate student-created book trailer assignments.
  • Explore book trailers in each grade level collection to curate book trailers to share with students.

INFOhio recommends teachers and librarians consult with the school Technology Director to determine the best video creation tools to use with students in the classroom or school library. 

Digital Storytelling Collection on INFOhio's Open Space

Digital storytelling is a powerful skill that merges multimedia resources and technology to create engaging, interactive narratives. Support students as they learn, develop, and master digital storytelling skills. Find the Digital Storytelling Collection on INFOhio's Open Space. Browse this collection of lesson plans, templates, and strategies designed for educators. Use this collection to learn how to bring digital storytelling into your classroom or school library. 

INFOhio Book Trailer Rubric

INFOhio wants to showcase the very best student work from across Ohio. INFOhio uses the Book Trailer Rubric to evaluate book trailers submitted for publication. Please use this rubric with students to guide the revision process before submitting book trailers to Book Nook. Book trailers scoring above 20 points will be considered for publication. 

Grade Level Book Title Collections

Teachers and librarians can use the book trailer title lists as a starting point to curate book titles for consideration for the classroom and library. Refer to your school district's collection development guidelines to determine which titles to add to your collection. To learn more about the book titles for each book trailer, consult industry published reviews available through Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts (LISTA) and Literary Reference Center.

Title lists for each grade level can be exported as an Excel file. For schools that do not automate with INFOhio, use the title list to match titles in your collection with book trailers using the 856 tag. Click on the button below to access the Book Trailer Title Lists. Select the grade level that best meets the needs of your students. 

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