INFOhio's Book Nook evolved from the Instructional Technology Services of Central Ohio's (ITSCO) Book Talks Go Mobile, which was a Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grant-funded project that gave Ohio students access to mobile technology needed to create and share their own video book talks. 

School librarians used published reviews, book review websites, and professional experience to divide book trailers into estimated grade bands. School librarians and teachers should consult their school's collection development guidelines and industry published reviews when making decisions about collection development. 

As technology has advanced so has Book Nook. Book Nook is an educator tool. Teachers and librarians can use Book Nook to begin the curation process, selecting trailers, and vetting the titles as to grow classroom and library collections. Select book trailers to share with your students based on the curricular needs and instructional goals of the classroom or library. 

Teachers and librarians use the creation of book trailers to provide opportunties to engage students in digital storytelling. The creation of book trailers supports the development of communication, literacy, and technology skills. Book trailers empower student voice and choice and foster a love of reading. Book trailers published to Book Nook provide students with a real-world audience for their creative work. 

All Ohio PreK-12 teachers and librarians are invited to work with your students and submit book trailers for review. Submissions will open March 2023. 

We're always interested to hear how Book Nook is working for you. We encourage you to contact us with questions or comments at support.infohio.org.

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