Book Trailer Lesson Plans Book Trailer Lesson Plans
Beyond Book Reports - Book Trailers

Use this lesson plan to set the stage for student's creating their own book trailers.

Book Trailers for High School Students

Contains links, examples, and instructions for creating student-made book trailers.

Book Trailers with iMovie Trailer: Retelling a Story with Trailers

This lesson covers storyboarding, summarizing, selecting images and music, copyright, creative commons, editing and using iMovie.

Creating a Book Trailer:  INFOhio Lesson Plan

Lesson plan on creating a book trailer. Includes Ohio Learning Standards.

English Language Arts: Lights, Camera, Action, and Books: A Book Trailer

A lesson plan that shows how to create a short book trailer.

iMovie Book Trailers [lesson plan]

In this lesson students create book trailers and practice summarizing, collaborating and communicating skills.  For Grades 3-6.

ReadWriteThink: Book Report Alternative: Creating Excitement with Book Trailers

An entire lesson plan on using book trailers in the classroom.