Instructions have been provided for both teachers and students. Click the "For Students" or "For Teachers" box available on most Book Nook pages to see a rubric for evaluating your book trailer and instructions for submitting it. 

We will send you an email about the status your book trailer once we've reviewed it, which should take no longer than 10 business days. 

You can watch Book Nook trailers on any Internet-ready device: Apple and Android phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. This includes all major browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and others.  If you have problems using one of your devices, please let our technical staff know (support@infohio.org). They will help you troubleshoot and update Book Nook if needed. 

That depends on the content of the book and the audience. You can use video, photographs, or both. Some books lend themselves to special effects and some do not. Choose what works best for you.

We have included links to software that you can use to create your book trailer in the Resources for Creating Book Trailers on the "For Students" page. Before downloading any new software on a school device, check with your teacher to make sure it's okay. 

Submit your book trailer in MP4 format. 

Look under Resources for Creating Book Trailers - Image Resources on the For Students page to find links to royalty and copyright free sites for images and music. 

Include a list of your credits at the end of your book trailer. Look under Resources for Creating a Book Trailer on the For Students page to find information on creating your credits. 

First, congratulations for submitting your own Book Nook video trailer! It's a major project that can take some serious time and effort.

Please give INFOhio's Book Nook staff 10 business days to review your video to make sure it meets Book Nook's publication requirements. 

If your video does not meet all the requirements, you will receive a message that tells you how to update your video so you can resubmit it for review.

If you have not heard anything after 10 business days, then please email support@infohio.org