Your book trailer should be at least a minute long but no longer than two minutes. 

Look under Resources for Creating a Book Trailer - Examples of Student Made Book Trailers on the For Students page to find websites with examples of great book trailers. 

Storyboards are a great way to organize the sequence of your book trailer. Look under Resources for Creating Book Trailers on the "For Students" page for examples. 

It depends upon your story. Some elements to consider are characters, setting, plot, conflict, mood, etc.

Music is optional.

Book trailers can be created by one person or by a group of people. Your teacher will provide the criteria for the project.

It is possible to submit a book trailer that does not involve a lot of speaking. You can use music to illustrate atmosphere and setting of the book. Be sure that you include the title and author of the book at the beginning of the book trailer.

You can either show a picture of the title and author of the book or you can tell the title and author at the beginning of the book trailer.

It is easier to create your book trailer if you have a script or storyboard before filming the video. The process will be smoother if it is carefully planned beforehand.

Choose a book that you enjoyed reading and would like to share with other students. When you create your trailer, your excitement and enthusiasm for the book will show and make others want to read it. Ask your teacher or librarian for ideas for book ideas if needed.