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14-year-old Will Burrows has little in common with his strange, dysfunctional family. In fact, the only bond he shares with his eccentric father is a passion for archaeological excavation. So when Dad mysteriously vanishes, Will is compelled to dig up the truth behind his disappearance. He unearths the unbelievable: a secret subterranean society. "The Colony" has existed unchanged for a century, but it's no benign time capsule of a bygone era--because the Colony is ruled by a cultlike overclass, the Styx. Before long--before he can find his father--Will is their prisoner. 

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Turkey Trick or Treat

Turkey and his barnyard friends to try to get some candy from the farmer.

Turtles All the Way Down

Aza Holmes and Daisy investigate the case of a missing billionaire, Russel Pickett. Along the way they fall in love with unexpected people.


When seventeen-year-old Bella leaves Phoenix to live with her father in Forks, Washington, she meets an exquisitely handsome boy at school for whom she feels an overwhelming attraction and who she comes to realize is not wholly human.


Just before their sixteenth birthdays, when they will will be transformed into beauties whose only job is to have a great time, Tally's best friend runs away and Tally must find her and turn her in, or never become pretty at all.


Presents three novels in Scott Westerfeld's Uglies series, set in a futuristic society where, at age sixteen, everyone is given an operation that turns them into perfect supermodels, and one girl challenges the system.


The story of a world where beauty is revered.

Umbrella Summer

After her brother Jared dies, ten-year-old Annie worries about the hidden dangers of everything, from bug bites to bicycle riding, until she is befriended by a new neighbor who is grieving her own loss.

Under the Blood-Red Sun

Tomikazu Nakaji's biggest concerns are baseball, homework, and a local bully, until life with his Japanese family in Hawaii changes drastically after the bombing of Pearl Harbor in December 1941.

Underneath, The

A calico cat and a lonely chained up hound dog become unlikely friends.