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Thirteen Reasons Why

Clay receives a box of cassettes that may help explain why Hannah committed suicide.

Throne of Glass [Throne of Glass Series, Book 1]

18-year assassin Celaena is offered  her freedom if she can beats a series of me in a battle to find a new royal assassin.

Time Snatchers

Caleb's blinders are off. The small group of orphans who were also "adopted" by Uncle used to feel like family, but the competition to be the top time snatcher and the punishment for failure has gotten fierce. Time traveling to steal valuable objects can be a thrill, but with bully Frank trying to steal his snatches, his partner Abbie falling for Frank's slimy charms, and Uncle's plans to kidnap innocent kids to grow his business, Caleb starts thinking about getting out. But Uncle's reach extends to any country in any time period, and runaways get the harshest punishment of all. Caleb can steal just about anything from the past, but can he steal a family for the future?

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To All The Boys I've Loved Before

When Lara Jean’s boxes of love letters disappears, she goes into a panic.

Toad Rage

Limpy is on quest to save his species.

Took: A Ghost Story

Daniel doesn’t believe the crazy stories about the ghost witch who lives on Brewster Hill, but when his seven year sister disappears, he has to find out the truth.

Touch of Frost

Some weird things--worse than the usual weirdness--have been going on at Mythos Academy, a school of myths and magic. After mean girl Jasmine Ashton is murdered in the Library of Antiquities, Gwen Frost is determined to figure out what's going on, especially since she was the one the killer wanted.

Touching Spirit Bear

Fifteen-year-old Cole, trying to avoid prison, agrees to participate in a sentencing alternative based on the Native American Circle Justice, and is sent to a remote Alaskan Island where an encounter with a huge Spirit Bear changes his life.

Travel Team

After he is cut from his travel basketball team--the very same team that his father once led to national prominence--twelve-year-old Danny Walker forms his own team of cast-offs that might have a shot at victory.


As the old saying goes, “Give a dog a ball, and he'll beg to play for days. But give a dog a treat, and he’ll never stop begging.” 

      In this companion to Mary Sullivan's Geisel Award-winning Ball, there's a new dog in town and he is focused on finding a treat, no matter the cost. But endless tricks and futile searching (you can't eat Grandma’s dentures!) can be pretty exhausting. Just when he’s about to give up hope . . . what’s this? TREAT!  
      In this hilarious and heartwarming graphic novel/ picture book hybrid, readers will rejoice and laugh as they recognize the silly, but always determined, behavior of man’s best friend. 
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