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Scaredy Squirrel at the Beach

Scaredy Squirrel doesn't like crowds so he doesn't go to the beach, he builds his own. However, something is missing so he needs to go to the real beach and retrieve it.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Tapped from the oral traditions of American folklore, these ghost stories and tales of weird happenings, witches, and graveyards have startling, funny, or surprising endings.

Screaming Staircase, The

The exploits of a teenage ghost-hunting agency.

Scythe [Arc of a Scythe, #1]

Two teens must learn the “art of killing” in this Printz Honor–winning book, the first in a chilling new series from Neal Shusterman, author of the New York Times bestselling Unwind dystology.

A world with no hunger, no disease, no war, no misery: humanity has conquered all those things, and has even conquered death. Now Scythes are the only ones who can end life—and they are commanded to do so, in order to keep the size of the population under control.

Citra and Rowan are chosen to apprentice to a scythe—a role that neither wants. These teens must master the “art” of taking life, knowing that the consequence of failure could mean losing their own.

-Summary from Amazon

Scythe [Arc of a Scythe, #1]

Two teens must learn the “art of killing” but only one can become a scythe.

Sea of Monsters (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 2)

Percy must find a way the save Camp Half-Blood and his friend Grover.

Secret Life of Pets: The Deluxe Junior Novelization

A story about the lives of pets when their owners are not home.

See How They Run: Campaign Dreams, Election Schemes, and the Race to the White House

A light-hearted look at the election process complete with conversational narrative and funny cartoons.

Serpent King

Dill has to deal with the realities of growing p and the struggle to find one’s true self.

Seventh Most Important Thing, The

After Arthur's dad died, life for him turned upside down. One day, he was thrown over the edge when he saw the "Junk Man " with his father's old hat. Without thinking, Arthur threw a brick at the "Junk Man". In court, the "Junk Man" requested that Arthur work for him for 120 hours. After that, one list and a lot of junk changed Arthur's life forever.