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Pound The Stone

Story of a young man's journey through the obstacles, defeats, and eventual victories that come while developing grit.

Princess Bride

A tangle of unbelievable feats and narrow escapes in this spoof on historical romance.

Project Alpha

The Voyagers have to find a way to save the earth.


As they hide in the school story, six students try to identify the shooter.

Rain, Reign

When a storm hits the town, Rose’s dog goes missing and she has to find him.

Raven's Gate

When Matt is set to live in the middle of nowhere, he discovered that some very sinister things are going on.

Ready Player One

When Wade find s the first clue to the secret of OASIS, he finds himself in a  race to save himself and win the ultimate prize..

Red Pizzas For A Blue Count

Thea goes to Transratania to rescue her cousin, Trap. She takes Geronimo with her. They encounter bats, vampire-mice, and a whole lot of trouble. Read to find out what pizza has to do with this story.


Two heroes – one wants vengeance the other wants justice.  Who will prevail?

Revenge Jason Steed

Jason Steed is an martial arts expert and agent who fights to breath.