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When Coraline steps through a door to find another house strangely like her own, she finds she may never be able to leave.

Courage And Defiance

The remarkable story of the Danish resistance and rescue of over 7,000 Jews during WWII.

Creature Teacher [Goosebumps Sereis 2000, #3]

Paul joked a lot. One day he made a joke that made his teacher mad. Later he was moved to a new school called, Caring Academy. He was told the students liked to play pranks on the new kid. When the teacher introduced herself she said she was a monster. He thought they pulled the joke too far.....

Crooked River

In this book, a savage known as Indian John is captured and is tried for the murder of a white trapper. He is held captive in the loft of two little girls's home. After bringing him food for a while, the little girls become unsure if the savage is guilty of murder. What will Indian John's fate be? Will he be saved if he is found guilty? Find out the surprising results while reading this breathtaking book.

Crooked River

13 year old, Rebecca Carver, is faced with a decision. A decision that could affect a life. A savage Indian accused of murder is chained in her house. Will she befriend him or side with her father? A young lawyer risks his life for the Indians. Will she?

Curious George Visits the Zoo

George and his curiosity lead to adventure and a bit of trouble.

Da Vinci Code

Harvard symbologist Robert Landgon joins forces with gifted cryptologist Sophie Neveau to uncover the secret of the Da Vinci code.

Dalmatian in the Daisies

When Mandy’s grandmother finds a dalmation in her daisy path, she has to help find her puppies a home.

Dear Martin

Justyce is at the top of his class and set of the Ivy League but he can’t escape the issue of race.

Deep Water

Julie is a 12 year old girl who like her father, loves to dive. But, when her father falls ill off the coast of Alabama Julie must take her fathers clients a reckless, boy around her age and his equally reckless father down to the dive site. When her clients ignore her instructions Juie realizes how far over her head she is, and when she surfaces things only get worse. The anchor has pulled and her father is no where in site. Julie and her clients are stranded 9 miles off the Alabama coast.