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Alabama Moon

A young boy who grows up in the woods gets in a chase with law enforcement.

Alabama Moon

Moon Blake is a 10 year old boy who lives in the forest of Alabame with his father.  When his father dies, Moon must move on and find people like him.  Read Alabama Moon to learn more of his adventure.

Deep Water

Julie is a 12 year old girl who like her father, loves to dive. But, when her father falls ill off the coast of Alabama Julie must take her fathers clients a reckless, boy around her age and his equally reckless father down to the dive site. When her clients ignore her instructions Juie realizes how far over her head she is, and when she surfaces things only get worse. The anchor has pulled and her father is no where in site. Julie and her clients are stranded 9 miles off the Alabama coast.


When Sam discovers that his new friend Davey lives alone in an abandoned cabin deep in the woods, he tries to discover the truth about what is going on.