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All Of the Above

All the students in Mr. Collins math class are tired of having to read textbooks and watch Mr. Collins write on the chalk board. Mr. Collins then has an idea. He creates a club to build the world's largest tetrahedron. Will they succeed?

Crooked River

In this book, a savage known as Indian John is captured and is tried for the murder of a white trapper. He is held captive in the loft of two little girls's home. After bringing him food for a while, the little girls become unsure if the savage is guilty of murder. What will Indian John's fate be? Will he be saved if he is found guilty? Find out the surprising results while reading this breathtaking book.

Jump Into the Sky

Levi Battle is the son of a World War Two Paratrooper. His aunt takes care of him while his father is serving until she decides to send him to his father at his station in the South. There is danger on the way. Will Levi survive?

Seventh Most Important Thing, The

After Arthur's dad died, life for him turned upside down. One day, he was thrown over the edge when he saw the "Junk Man " with his father's old hat. Without thinking, Arthur threw a brick at the "Junk Man". In court, the "Junk Man" requested that Arthur work for him for 120 hours. After that, one list and a lot of junk changed Arthur's life forever.

Seventh Most Important Thing. The

When Arthur throws a brick at an old man, he discovers that the consequences are not what he expected.