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A Good Idea

When her best friend disappears how far will Finley go to find out what happened to Betty?


When an accident destroys her face, Maisie must learn how to deal with the change in her appearance.

Go Ask Alice

Real-life diary of a teenager’s struggle with the world of drugs and addiction.

Go Ask Alice

 A teen plunges into a downward spiral of addiction.

Golden Hour, The

As Judd rushes to resolve a coup in Mali he reales that in the real world, the hours can includes things that he never imagines.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

The war against Voldemor is not going well, but Hogwart students continue their education.

Heaven is for Real

This is an inspiring story ofa young boy, Colton Burpo, that took a trip to heaven during a near death experience.

Hunger Games, The

16-year old Katniss volunteers to take her sister’s place in the life or death Hunger Games.

Hunger Games, The

Katniss takes the place of her sister to compete in the life or death games.

If He Had Been With Me

If he had been with me, everything would have be different.  What was the argument about?