Book Trailer Information Book Trailer Information
Book Talks and More

Tutorials, resources, and examples of student book trailers.

Book Trailers and the Common Core Standards

This infographic shows how state standards are met when creating/making book trailers.

Book Trailers for High School Students

Contains links, examples, and instructions for creating student-made book trailers.

Book Trailers: Where to Find & How-To

Contains an overview, how to, etc.

Creating Book Trailers

A comprehensive site with information about using book trailers as instructional tools, as well as lists of tools to create them.

How to Make a  Book Trailer Prezi

A short step­-by­-step visual presentation on how to make a book trailer.

Rethinking Reading Promotion ­Old School Meets Technology

Tips and links for creating book trailers and other ways to promote reading.

Tell a (Digital) Story

Learn all about Digital Storytelling and how to tell your own story using digital tools.

The Big Tease

Terrific ways to create and use book trailers.

Weaving a Virtual Story: ­Creating Book Trailers 101

Great article that includes suggestions on tools and methods for creating book trailers.