Book Trailer Rubrics Book Trailer Rubrics
Book Trailer Assessment Rubric

Guidelines for evaluating student created book trailers

Book Trailer Rubric

Extensive rubric to evaluate book trailers that you can add your own point value to.

Book Trailer Rubric

Download and print this rubric for book trailers.

Creating Book Trailers in the Classroom

Printable rubric and explanation.

INFOhio Book Trailer Rubric

The INFOhio Book Trailer Rubric (PDF) is the rubric the INFOhio Book Nook team uses to review submitted trailers. Please feel free to use, but INFOhio asks to leave our logo if used. 

ReadWriteThink: A Book Trailer Rubric

An example from ReadWriteThink of a rubric to use for assessing book trailers.